Revenue Choir

The Revenue Choir held their Summer recital in St. Werburgh’s Church on May 30th last. The performing was held as a fundraiser for “The Alzhiemers Society Of Ireland” with special guest, soloist soprano Sarah Power with Linda McCann accompanying on piano.

Below is a panorama view of Saint Werburgh’s Church taken while Sarah & Linda rehearsed for the performance.

A recording of Sarah Power, accompanied by Linda McCann on piano rehearsing can be heard in the background.

Press Play to view 360° & listen to Sarah & Linda rehearse

Revenue Choir Photo Gallery

St. Werburgh’s Church (brief history).

St. Werburgh’s, built originally in the 12th. century, is one of the oldest churches in Dublin.
It is situated inside the walls of Viking Dublin, and beside the Wood Quay site; and was named after a Saxon Princess, Werburga.  Although there are other churches and monasteries named after this Princess, it is generally accepted that the Dublin church is the oldest.

The black and white mosaic pavement was laid down in the rebuilding and is one of the few remaining in the country.  The beautiful stucco work in the chancel is by Michael Maguire, and note the fine wood carving, gilt glory and dove, over the altar.

The magnificently carved pulpit was supposed to have been carved by the celebrated Jacobean wood-carver, Grinling Gibbons, but we believe this is not so, but by a student of his.   It came from the present Chapel Royal, discarded when Lord Carlisle decided he preferred one of Portland stone, and is among the treasures of old Dublin city

Compiled by Rosemary Bourne.

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