Hi, I’m Tommy, born & living in Dublin, Ireland.

Taking photos for as long as I can remember now, at various levels, and luckily still enjoying it.

Started initially with portraits of family and friends as I suppose we all do. You see your results and try to improve on them, and hopefully you progress.

Lately I have developed a particular liking for old historic buildings. Unfortunately, older buildings in general have smaller windows, and interior lighting can often be a challenge.
I still prefer to shoot in natural light.

Sometimes I’ll shoot panorama to capture the atmosphere and often I’ll exaggerate colour and dynamic range to give me depth, just to enhance the photo.┬áNot to everyone’s taste & purely subjective.

“The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera.”

~W. Eugene Smith

What I Like To Shoot.

360 degree panorama’s, cathedrals, churches,┬áconcerts & events, ┬álandscapes, seascapes, portraits.

“Photography, mostly fun, sometimes business but always a pleasure”